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Embroidered Linen Designer Artwork Cushion Details :-

Embroidered Linen Designer Artwork Cushion

Code: 37873

Group: Linen / Embroidered


Artistic design printed on Linen Fabric and then Embroidered to give a Flinch of Flair and Art . Soft soothing colors to bring warmth soothing comfort to your Drawing room .Can use alternate Fabrics like Cotton , Chambrays , Cotton Linen etc.. We welcome your designs and Artworks to be developed . 

Size 18"x18".   Natural Fringe given to add to the beauty and message of the Cushion .

Filler can be provided at an extra cost . Dropship facilities available .  Please contact for furthur queries 


Size: 18"x18"

Fabric: Linen

  • Designer Artwork , Embroidered

 200 pcs

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